Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vive La Friendship

True Friendships are characterized by
grace, truth, forgiveness, unselfishness, boundaries, care and
love in gigantic and mutual proportion
Girlfriends bring out so much in us that no man ever could. They understand us, they cry with us, they shop with us... no man does that! We are sisters who speaks the same language, like the same movies , have similiar dreams and goals, and eat more than we should. Vive la friendship....

Family Outing (Bro and Lil Sista)

With Yat Pek Yeah
What determines friendship? Something intangible, that won't be defined. Something inside clicks. Something in our soul responds like a flower opening the sun. We can't specify it ahead of time, but we know it when we feel it. Friendship is a mystery. The solving of the mystery is impossible . When you as lifelong friends why they are friends, they can't explain it
"We just are."
Then they just smile

Birthday celebration

Enjoying time with AMELIA (Suju Concert)

After exam party =.="

Chua- Charlyn - Me- Cindy- i dun knw his name =p
at Mois

At Redbox with classmates =p

Late night supper :) glad that my fren turn-up to listen to my probz

Helping the seniors =p

Farewell for me =p

21st birthday bash in Sri Sayang

Time in QE2

Parties in our souls. This is the heartbeat of celebrating frienship.
Rejoicing ,honoring , applauding, commending, saluting, toasting the wonderfuil people in our lives. Not for what they do, but for who they are, and for what they mean to us

"Thank you for being you".Throwing parties over friendship. Not just once a year on birthday, but as often as we can. Parties in our souls . Gradtitude .Celebrating life :)

Laughing with friends is just like eating cake at a party. You can have a party without cake, but who would want to? Every friend I have in my life knows how to belly laugh, and not take themselver or me , too seriously. Laughter is like a tall, creamy, four-layered cake that leans to one side. A cake that is meant to be cut and shared.

TO ALL MY FRIENDS I LOVE U....i cherish the moment we spent together :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

feeling betrayed

I am so devastated. I got betrayed by somebody i trusted most, somebody that know almost all my secret. He betrayed me for so long and now only I know the reason. I seriously cannot believe that He is that guy that betrayed me, with this my trust level for anybody has dropped again, I will never trust anybody again,. He is just a guy that i really believe and tell him everything and share all my problems, when I was working back at Z.Now, i dont know how and why...the girl friend suddenly popped out and scolded me. I was so shocked, still not recovered from that. He is the type of guy , that a number of gurls will dream to have bf as, he is sweet and always stand up to help me, when i got bullied by the guys in Z. " Dont bully gurls, gurls are not for us to play tricks on"Said Mr.He! With the things he had done for me, i took Him as my Godbro, a really nice guy that helped me alot besides K and Tien How. He Now, Mr.He already betrayed me, I seriously dont know how to trust people around me. I hope that another Godbro of mine, will not hurt me, betrayed me behind my back.
And on the same week, i found out that, a few friend of mine in college that I am closed with, labelled me as a friend that only mix with certain group of ppl (top scorer's, rich, and people i can take advantage ofF) Crapx. Am i that type of person? So, my friends, do tell me how can I still trust people around me.They are being so nice in front of you but behind you, they just stabbed and Im dead.
I am so LOST! can someone please guide me through this, I want to leave this world that is full of so much misery and troubles.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Studying Life?

College life has never been easy for any of us..but it seems that it gets harder day by day, when ever, i thought i am coming to the end of second semester, i have not fail any paper,
i might not fail even one, so i tried my best to pass and have high score! But it seems luck is not on my side, I studied so hard and i cant make it , i miss it by a point. That is heartbreaking.
Sometimes i rather not study and fail , i would not be so sad.I studied so hard and i tought i could make it for my Fundamental of Nursing test,and well guess what POP out,all those things I have never heard before and it cant be found in the notes or any FON textBook. this is SOO sad.
Just praying hard that i can pass in my finals exam. I have a feeling that i will pass that is not enough now.
My school has a new policy and if u are getting lower than 3.59GPA we have to go study in the library. Sweat, they even said that if we got 3.59 it is still poorly done! dont u think it is abit unreasonable to call those getting 3.59 had poorly done their semestar exam? You cannot expect everybody to score high grade rite?
let me they u how they want us to study in the library.
if GPA is between 3.59 - 3.33 have to study 4 hours , 3.33- 3.29 have to study 6hours, 3.29- 3.0 have to study 8 hours and those if you cant make it for any formative paper , we are required to study 10hours in the library.
this is tough, it is so tough being in ACN. passing grade is 60marks and now...3.59 and above only can escape all those things . I supposed next time the passing marks will be 80.
Friends, the GPA 3.6 is actually alomost like the local uni that is the requirement for you to graduate with 1st class honour!!! I never expected myself to pass with that, I am happy to get grade between 3.33-3.59. But they are forcing all of us to get that!
Two words to describe it , Stressed and speechless!!!

What do you guys think?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

TVXQ - Mirotic

Today is one of the most happiest day in my life, I finally got my TVXQ 4th Album - Mirotic.
I got it as my capping present..Is a present that, given by Amelia and sumone really special to me. They gave me this because i love it so much and it is an as encouragement for keep fighting LIKE them.!!Im so happy that they gave me this album.I always wanted to buy that album, but i dont want, i want wait till my friend go Taiwan and get me the imported version. But well, im glad i got this as present..!!! HEhe...but i wanted flower for my capping, but they think it wont last long and has no meaning...yea, well, they did not make it for capping so it has no meaning if i got flowers from them. Dont worry, I will wait for the flowers okay? Another 2 years , if i can pass my nursing Board Exam...and graduate.!Hope so! Let me share my TVXQ album with u...ahah.................hope u guys dont mind...
I just wan say I LOVE U BOTH .......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saranghae!!!
With this album, u all help me to keep my love burning for them.If not, sooner later no more feelings left for them , it will be only Kimbum and HyunJoong!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Polo Bun

Ladies and gentlemen, Amelia Lim has FACEBOOK!! Go and add her!

When i am posting this blog, im at OLD TOWN with Jaryn and Amelia. We are enjoying our polo bun. But half way through, we cabut to Starbucks because my laptop ran out of battery. As usual, We will hang out on most of the friday nites..For what ?? of coz to FISH....Hehe.....Bt after sooo long, ikan seekor pun tak ada...Jangan kata, Ikan besar, ikan bilis pun takda.Setelah memancing ikan beberapa minggu, kami tidak ikan segar tetapi ikan busuk Sakit hati..tapi kami tidak berputus asa...kami akan terus memancing ikan setiap jumaat.
Kami percaya bahawa rezeki akan datang melimpah-limpah suatu hari juga!Kami hanya memancing di Starbucks, tidak kira di mana lokasi starbucks.!

Frens, Pray for us that we are able to fish ok....then we got one, we will intro it to u ...HEHE...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Because I am Stupid

Title: Because I am too Stupid(I am just like this song)

Because I am too stupid
I have no one besides you ,
You, who is looking at someone else
Dont you know how I felt?
There isnt me in your days And not even having any remembrance me,
who looking at you whom I am yearning for Always shed tears

(B )It is my happiness even to be looking at your back
You still dont know how I felt In the end, you go past me

(chorus)In the days where I miss you very much
In the days where I suffered the pains
I love you whirls near my mouth
Crying for you alone yet again
Missing for you alone yet again Baby!
I love you! Im waiting for you!

(A')There isnt me in your days And not even having any memories
I am looking at you whom I am yearning for
Making the memories on my own

(B )Love is like a beautiful wound to me
Even when I see your beautiful smile
I am unable to laugh with you

(Chorus)In the days where I think of you a lot
In the days where my heart is cold and sad
I miss you whirls near my mouth
Crying for you alone yet again
Missing for you alone yet againBaby!
I love you! Im waiting for you!

(Bridge)Bye bye never say good bye
Though I am unable to hold you like this
I need you, I am unable to say anything,
I want you,
I wish for and wish for it again

(Chours Ending)In the days where I miss you a lot
In the days where it is very cold and sad
I love you whirls near my mouth
Crying for you alone yet again
In the days where I think of you a lot
In the days where it is very cold and sad
I love you whirls near my mouth
Crying for you alone yet again
Missing for you alone yet again
Baby! I love you! I'm waiting for you!

It is sweet isn't it?
Love this song soo much!!!
No matter what, I Know i missed the chance,
But still, Im waiting for the time to come.
for me to let the guy know the feelings I have for him,
I do not want much, just want him to know the feelings i have for him...
Hope that it make my relationship with him become bad...i still want this friend

Friday, March 13, 2009


What does it means to you?
When "relationship" words appears it doesnt mean that is only between couple.
It can be relationship between friends,family members,enemy and also strangers
In terms of relationship, it can be a positive or negative or mutual...
It is the feelings that is counted....If you have food feelings on some people, then your relationship is a positive one. Well, I really envy with those people that is in a relationship.

I really hope, i will have this type of relationship (not friends, family members is LOVERS)...
But I know i do not stand a chance, because that guy I am interested in, is in A RELATIONSHIP. (heartbroken). I really envy my friends, that have boyfriend. They have shoulders to lean over when they are sad and depressed. When they are sad,they have someone to support them. How i wish i have that type of relationship. Eventhough, i have my godbro to support me, still I need someone (Well, who doesnt need). I always dream to receive present during special occasion eg:birthday, valentines,anniversary,x-mas. I was in a relationship previously, believe it or not, i did not receive anything thru out the dating period. It is not that I am materialistic, is just that I want something that I can cherish. I never wished to get something expensive, even He got me a small and tiny pig..i will be so DELIGHTED. It was just a dream. Flashing back the memories, I had. I felt I was so stupid. I did not listen what my friend had advised me to do. I was stucked at that relaitionship for almost 2 years.

Finally it is over, and I proceed with my new life. Started to open up my heart for a new guy.However, luck was NEVER on my side. When I decided to know that special guy more, He is in a relationship. I was in love with him for quite some time. I dare not to approach him, when i have the courage to do so. He is in a relationship.(sadness). I prayed to God, that I will get over it soon and lead a normal life. If he cannot be mine. I just pray that He will still remain close to me, and never neglect me. Im so unlucky, always miss the chance!!! One thing for this, I just want him to KNOW the feelings I have for him. I do not want to keep it within myself.

Whatever it is , I think God has It reason for all this things. I cannot ask WHY. I just have to go with it....and bear with it.!

PS - Sorry for the grammatical error :)